Orange County Christian Preschool

Campus Information

641 S. Western Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92804

(714) 826-1321

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Our Purpose

  • To provide a service to the families and children of our community.
  • To support the values found in a Christian home.
  • To foster learning and to allow the child to associate with other children of his/her own age in group activities.
  • To provide an environment that is safe and conducive to good health; a place where children can assemble, work and play together while being guided toward a happy, wholesome, spiritual development.
  • To provide a place where all are welcome regardless of race, color, or religion.
  • To provide a flexible program where children can be assisted in the learning processes


2yr. Old Class

  • Beginning math skills- Counting, shapes, sorting
  • Colors
  • Songs and games that develop language skills
  • Group activities that encourage social skill development- empathy, sharing, and turn taking


Academic 3yr. Old Class

  • Math skills-Counting, sorting, measuring
  • Beginning writing skills-tracing simple lines, writing their first name
  • Beginning reading readiness-Intoduction to the alphabet letters and sounds
  • Improving fine motor skills through activities such as cutting, painting, and lacing


Academic Pre-K Class

  • Writing- First and last name, tracing/writing letters, words, numbers
  • Reading- phonics focused games and instruction to encourage interest in reading, along with a curriculum that introduces reading small, one vowel words by mid school year
  • Math skills- Counting, sorting, recognizing pattern’s, catagorizing, simple addition and subtraction


Learning Activities

  • A time of outdoor play on equipment suitable to his/her age
  • Supervised games
  • Creative arts & crafts
  • Science and nature observations
  • Rhythm and music
  • Sharing experiences
  • Story times
  • Bible/Chapel time
  • Onsite field trips


Extra Curricular Activities and Services

  • Parent Resource Room: A direct connection between the school and family. You will find important announcements, monthly calendars, menus and free magazines.
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snack: Children are provided with nutritious meals daily at no additional cost.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Your child can join any of our excellent programs including Gymnastics and also Tap & Ballet through the Cathleen Forcucci Academy.
  • Chapel: Children experience a group chapel time every Friday morning with dramatized stories, performed by the children, and singing to Hillsongs music.
  • Special Days: Here are a few examples of the special events we have on campus throughout the school year: Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving picnic, Christmas program, Jump Your Heart Out ( bounce house and double slide on campus) New Years Costume Party and class parties for all major holidays. At Orange County Christain School we are very patriotic and take every opportunity to show our support for our troops and military. The children make cards for our veterans in November and in December they make Christmas cards for the men and women serving our country over seas. We also support those who are needy in our community by having several canned food drives throughout the year!


Meet the Director

Director: Kim Sandoval